At Reagan Library, Chris Christie Makes His Case [Full Video]

With speculation that he will run for president reaching a head-spinning frenzy, Gov. Chris Christie made a speech at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley in which he blasted the Obama administration for being little more than a “bystander in the Oval Office.”

Different Republicans take up different pieces of the Reagan mantle–the sunny optimism, or the tax-cutting conservatism, or the Cold War hawk–and in his speech Christie harps on Reagan’s blunt dealings with striking air traffic controllers. Read More


  1. Anonymous says:

    Best speech I have heard since Reagan himself !!

  2. Ed Robinson says:

    That was great.

  3. Lisaschwartzmiller says:

    What a leader.  This is what America needs to hear.  God Bless Chris Cristie and God Bless this country.  I pray that Governor Christie will play a huge role to help redirect this country back to sanity and exceptionalism.