BetaBeat Reviews: The Terrifying, Awesome New Facebook Timeline

Today, Facebook unrolled one of the largest front-end changes to the social network in its history: the Facebook Timeline. It’s front and center on your Facebook profile, and the totally revamped design aside, underneath is functionality that allows you to dip back into your own—or other people’s—history, to pinpoint exact date on everything from uploaded pictures to status updates. In short, it aims to organize the entire history of your life in the most intimidatingly convenient way possible.

It’s currently only available to developers, but you can join that group pretty easily as evidenced by this TechCrunch post, which we used to enable Facebook Timeline moments ago. The team’s spit-takes on neu-Facebook, in chronological order: Read More


  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Kay O. Sweaver says:

    STOP TWEETING! Unnngh.

    All this does it make me think of a flashier, seemingly friendlier of East German/KGB obsessive data collecting about private individuals. Which would be fine if I had access to the data for, oh I don’t know, President Obama and the Koch Brothers for instance, but that won’t happen now will it?

  3. Well the long expected Facebook Timeline is finally being officially released and it’s here to stay! There’s no more escaping this..

    You can enable it right now and make sure what data you let out: