Brookfield Bummer! Occupy Wall Street’s Occupation of Zucotti Park Will Continue, NYPD Says

zucotti park occupy wall street Brookfield Bummer! Occupy Wall Streets Occupation of Zucotti Park Will Continue, NYPD Says

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Besides free pizza, pepper spray and those Guy Fawkes/V for Vendetta/Anonymous masks, one of the enduring symbols of the Occupy Wall Street protests has been the base camp at Zucotti Park. The park reopened in 2006, rebuilt by landlord Brookfield Properties after years of neglect followed by damage on 9/11.

It turned out to be a convenient location for protestors, as it is one of the largest open spaces near Wall Street, but the powerful Brookfield has been trying to evict the protestors all week. Now, the NYPD is taking the side of the protestors for once, saying thanks, but no thanks.

One of the five biggest office owners in the city, the Toronto-based Brookfield typically holds sway with City Hall. At first, it began taking matters into its own hands, posting signs with all the newly forbidden activities—no tents, no sleeping bags, no bikes or skateboards—but it needed the NYPD to enforce any such measures.

(The park is not really a park but a POPS, a privately owned public space, which began popping up all over the city in the 1970s and ’80s. In exchange for building these “parks” and plazas, developers got huge building bonuses, allowing their new office towers to shoot up many more stories.)

Yesterday, according to DNAinfo, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said the department could not—or at least would not—bar protestors from Zucotti Park, though it appears he is open to letting Brookfield try and clear the space out:

“In building this plaza, there was an agreement it be open 24 hours a day,” Kelly said of the park near the World Trade Center, which is owned by Brookfield Office Properties but operates as a public space.

“The owners have put out regulations [about what’s allowed in park]. The owners will have to come in and direct people not to do certain things.”

While protestors continue to camp out in the plaza, DNAinfo notes they are also careful to keep things clean and have even set up a recycling center.

It seems clear why neither the police nor Brookfield wants anything to do with driving the protestors out. If corralling a protest at Union Square was bad, can you imagine trying to evict them from their temporary home?

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  1. If you evict them, where do you think they will go next?   Battery Park is nice.  It is a lot bigger and you can see the statue of liberty from there.  That could hold a few thousand people and it has public restrooms and a subway station.  Not too bad a walk from the Financial District.  Quite the spot for a large scale disruption.

    1. Pss239 says:

      Battery Park doesn’t have public restrooms nor a subway station.

  2. Anonymous says:

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  3. Anonymous says:

    the park in NYC is owned by Lehman Bros and people from the CFR even
    OWS’s WEALTHY BENEFACTORS (yes they are protesting their own financiers)
    are getting tired of their filthy left wing disregard for property.

    Yes…. this whole OWS deal is because the elites are realizing that
    even if the left and right don’t agree on the solution (capitalism vs
    communism) they all know what the PROBLEM IS, and that it’s US vs THEM
    (central bankers, Soros, etc) and they will not longer divide us by R
    and D!!!

    So they (Soros funded entities being used) are scared and now have turned this protest into one huge false flag.

      The only true revolution is the tea party. These OWS dupes are protesting their very benefactors!

    Please google New Hampshire Tea Party Coalition for info on how this whole movement is being FAKED by the elites.

    1. Navkram says:

      faked? it may have been the intention to create a false flag operation initially but this movement is now in the people’s hands. get your nose out of the tea party’s ass and look around at the world. the elite aren’t out there protesting. they are in their offices shitting themselves trying to figure out a way to thwart these protests. that is why nypd is directing drunk homeless people to the protest. they want the situation to deteriorate so people will go home. the police violence is a tactic to keep new people from joining. nobody wants to get their head cracked for protesting. again look at the world. not the tea party. even the tea party’s own political party laughs at them. because the TP is a pawn to the elite. just a way to draw young people into the republican flock.

  4. Will says:

    we americans are revolutionary at heart we really cant help it.  its where we come from . civil wars on the  other hand are always economic wars.and those can be mitigated by peaceful protest to put forth the peoples will

  5. Mary says:

     it will be very cold with snow up to their petunias…THEN WHAT?