Some People Like Chelsea Market's Giant New Addition, Say People Building Giant New Addition

Chelsea Market (Photo from Curbed)

The battle to expand Chelsea Market has once again come to a head—a giant glassy head.  Neighborhood residents are none too pleased with Jamestown Properties’ plans, which call for 250,000 square feet of office space to be added to the existing Ninth Avenue structure and the construction of a neighboring twelve-story hotel.

Among the latest complaints, according to Crain‘s, neighbors are questioning whether Jamestown Properties will really deliver on their promise to bring 1,200 new jobs to the area with their new development, and complaining that the mammoth project threatens Chelsea Market’s historical integrity. We have to admit, the post-modern glass addition is pretty heinous, making the building look like a precarious block tower.

Needless to say, Jamestown Properties has not taken the attacks sitting down. The German-based company has drafted a petition, presenting it to Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who represents the area, and other city pols. “We’re just creating a platform for community residents who support the project to be heard,” a company spokesperson told Crain’s.

Who exactly supports the plan? Apparently people who like the High Line: according to the deal in place, if the construction on Chelsea Market is allowed to go forth as planned, Jamestown Properties would be required to gift the city $17 million to enhance the elevated park.

Is it worth it? Really? Take at look at that picture one more time.

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