Conan O’Brien’s Burbank TV Studio Is Up for Rent on Airbnb

conan Conan OBriens Burbank TV Studio Is Up for Rent on AirbnbNeed a place to stay in L.A. from October 10th-13th? Well, perhaps Airbnb can interest you in a “cozy and charming” 25000 sq. ft. in the heart of Burbank. The kitchenette comes stocked with its very own intern, although the shower sitch could get a little hairy. Oh yeah, and you’re definitely going to need to bring your own sheets.

Here’s the full details via the “Conan” TV studio listing on Airbnb:

Sleeping accommodations include a celebrity-grazed sleeper sofa and additional air mattress (needs repair). Linens provided, but recommend bringing your own for undisclosed reasons. Great for families (children 16+) looking to relax in over 25,000 square feet of musty warehouse space. Includes use of 40 ton industrial air conditioning system, 25 LCD television monitors (no HBO), and fully stocked kitchenette with intern. Shower must be shared with guest bands. Free Wi-Fi.

Betabeat tried make a reservation, but got back this prompt: “This host requires that you confirm availability before making a reservation. Please send a message to the host and wait for a response before booking.” We’re optimistic about booking, however. Team Coco’s response rate is 100 percent.

UPDATE: Blimey! Looks like Team Coco would prefer we not come alone:

“Thanks for your interest in the “Conan” TV studio. We’re looking for a few people or family to stay in our studio while visiting Los Angeles October 10th-13th. You’ll be filmed while staying in the studio and featured in a comedy segment on our show. You must be okay with being filmed.”

Okay so either Team Betabeat blogs remotely from Villa Coco, or we’ve got to find us a new family with a face for teevee, and fast. Please, no “who’s your daddy” jokes in the comments.