Dakota Fanning Prefers Nolita Loft to N.Y.U. Dorms

dakota e1316707439876 Dakota Fanning Prefers Nolita Loft to N.Y.U. Dorms

Nolita here we come! (Patrick McMullan)

Word on the street is that Dakota Fanning has shunned dorm life at N.Y.U, preferring something a little more private instead. The actress has taken a two-bedroom place at 225 Lafayette Street, according to the Post.While we don’t know the exact details on Ms. Fanning’s apartment, another two bedroom place in the building is going for $8,400 a month. Is that more or less than what N.Y.U parents pay for board at Hayden Hall or Palladium? The listing for the similar space shows a mod setup, with a glossy kitchen, whitewashed walls, tons of natural light and Brazilian walnut floors throughout. Citi-Habitats broker Carlotta Sosa said there was a man currently living in the home, but that was all she knew. The building has a giant roof-deck, far from the reach of campus police, and a doorman who won’t make you show ID upon entering.

The luxury Beaux Arts building was converted into condos in 2004, and has attracted glamorous residents ever since. Perks? It’s far more spacious than anything N.Y.U has to offer, and she won’t have to worry about a messy and or psychotic roommate. Downsides? Her famous neighbors include Theodora Richards, a convicted criminal, and John Mayer, a singer who can’t sing.

Ms. Fanning is far from first famous person to drop a hefty chunk of change on N.Y.U. real estate. As The Observer recently reported, Kay LeRoy liked the college life so much, she bought up four apartments on West 13th Street.



  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know why anyone would live in a dorm if they had the means to get a private apartment. In Dakota’s case, however, there are plenty of good reasons why an apartment is a practical solution, and most of them stem from the fact that she intends to keep making movies while attending college. For example, she will need phone privacy just to discuss movie and business matters. Surely too, it would be great to have a place to receive her movie friends and associates. (IMO, inviting De Niro and his wife to a dorm room just wouldn’t work.) Being able to handle independent living tells me, and I would think anyone, that she’s not a kid anymore. (It’s hard to explain what I mean, but I see it as about an adult stature.) Also, when she needs to study, she can do it without other students knocking on her door with an invitation to some spur-of-the-moment fun escapade; from my personal experience anyway, dorms can be a terrible source of distraction. Yes, roommates can drive you nuts. And, I’d think that the doorman won’t allow paparazzi to camp outside her door. With two bedrooms, Dakota also has a comfy place for mom and Elle to stay when in town for something Elle is doing. Really, Dakota’s remarkable life is just way too big to fit in a dorm room. Not a minor issue either is the fact that she’s been working for ten years; if she wants a nice place to start this whole new phase of her life, she’s certainly earned it and should enjoy it. I think she has chosen wisely, and I’m happy for her.

    I would have preferred, though, that the Post not have published her address; just a general description would have been quite sufficient.

  2. David Moye says:

    its about 4 times as much as dorms