Don’t Have a Doorman? Just Have Your Packages Sent to the Poochie Place

village doorman Dont Have a Doorman? Just Have Your Packages Sent to the Poochie PlaceThe Poochie Place, INK, Soho Grocery, Puppy Love & Kitty Kat, xoom smoothies & coffee bar: all East Village/Lower East Side establishments that will sign for your packages and leave them sitting on a shelf until it is convenient for you to retrieve them, as arranged by a new startup, Village Doorman, created by two East Village techies.

Village Doorman is solving a unique but persistent pain point of Manhattan living:

We created Village Doorman to address the need to receive packages while you’re busy at work. We license our patent pending technology to neighborhood merchants so they can receive certain types of packages on your behalf. This is how it works:

Sign up for our service and purchase a Package ID for every package you intend to send.
Locate a Village Doorman merchant here.
When shipping the package, you must include: i) name and address of merchant, ii) Package ID, and iii) your full name (see below for an illustrated diagram.)
We call, email or text you when the package arrives.

You can also use the service to hand off keys to a visiting friend. There are 17 businesses currently accepting packages. The cost comes out to about $2 a day. Someone try this out and let us know how it goes.