Eight Homeless Hackers Need Your Help

will code php for food2 Eight Homeless Hackers Need Your Help

Haha, this is funny because it would never happen. (credit: ?)

Developer collective NYHacker invited hackers from around the world to visit New York from September 15 to 19th for a glorious extended weekend of Big Apple sights, sounds, and hopefully, hospitality. Most of the hackers are coming as a group from Mexico; the others are from here, there and “the internet,” as the Twitter joke goes. During their stay, the hackers will attend the World Maker Faire and the foursquare hackathon, tour startups in Silicon Alley (check out our handy guide) and maybe take a ferry to a statue! But wait … where will all these hackers sleep?

NYHacker has been pairing hackers with hosts a la Adopt a Hacker, but there aren’t enough couches to go around. “We still have 8 homeless hackers,” developer and New York expat John Britton said in an email. “They arrive on Thursday and depart on Monday. You don’t need much, a couch or floor space is totally sufficient. Are you able to host one or more? Do you have any friends that might be able to host?”

Willing hosts (please, no recruiters) should contact Aaron Rosenthal, who is managing the event.