Feds Say Interscope Records Offices Used By Drug-Trafficking Circle

James Rosemond

Interscope Records was used by a drug trafficking ring to drop off and pickup packages filled with kilos of cocaine and cash, according to federal prosecutors. James Rosemond, known as “Jimmy Henchmen,” a record manager at Interscope was indicted in June on related charges of drug-trafficking. His lawyer denies the charges against him.

According to the documents, Mr. Rosemond’s associates used “road cases” for musical equipment to send cocaine from Los Angeles to New York. The cases were returned filled with upwards of $1 million in cash. Khalil Abdullah, a member of Mr. Rosemond’s circle, has already pleaded guilty to charges of drug-trafficking and obstruction of justice. According to Smoking Gun, the site that broke the news, Mr. Abdullah admitted to overseeing the shipment of drugs.

Mr. Rosemond manages The Game. The LA rapper spoke of the scandal with Hot97 and had this to say of Mr. Rosemond: “Jimmy is my brother. That’s ride or die. You can’t even see Osama’s body so why we gonna believe something [the government] is saying about Jimmy.”