Galliano Found Guilty as Charged

John Galliano

Earlier this morning a Parisian court found beleaguered designer John Galliano guilty of committing “public injury” under French law for his antisemitic and racist outbursts last winter.

Galliano, however, was not present at the sentencing this morning. In a letter read to the court Mr. Galliano explained his absence was solely motivated “solely by the concern of avoiding another confrontation with the press,” according to French newspaper Le Monde.

The court fined Mr. Galliano 6,000 euros and demanded that he pay each of his victims a single symbolic euro. He was also ordered to cover the legal fees of the anti-racism leagues who were plaintiffs in the case, The Telegraph reports.

The court claimed that despite the designer’s triple addiction to alcohol, drugs and prescription medication, he was nonetheless responsible for his actions. “Any injury related to race or religion is particularly grave in that denies fundamental principles between men and the respect and dignity of each human,” the court noted.

Judges took into account the humility Mr. Galliano expressed at his hearing last month, in which he admitted serious addiction issues. “John Galliano realized the situation in which he found himself and set about to seek treatment in an efficient manner,” today’s judgment read.

Galliano Found Guilty as Charged