Google Buys Zagat

zagat Google Buys ZagatThe “behemoth” public corporation with its “quirky, do-no-evil” corporate philosophy has bought “granny’s favorite restaurant guide” Zagat, “the company that invented User Generated Content before their was a management consultancy name for it.”

Surveyors Nina and Tim Zagat praise Google’s “belief in user-generated content” and shared “commitment to accuracy and fairness” and loyalists predict “amazing Android apps.”

More at the “official” Google blog.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Really, Zagat’s like yesterday’s news.
    Sounds like Google’s looking for a purchase to hide a underpeforming quarter.
    When a company goes on a buys some laggard within 2/3 of a quarter, it’s typically a financial ploy to allow for excuses.