Google Reportedly Bought Zagat for $125 Million, the Same Price It Was Worth In the Year 2000

How much is a catalog of restaurant reviews better-associated with a little red book worth in the Yelp area? Not a heckuva lot according the Wall Street Journal. The paper’s source says Google paid a mere $125 million to acquire the 32-year-old company. That’s the same valuation Zagat claimed in an investment round 11 years ago. Zagat took itself off the market back in 2008 when no buyer came forward willing to meet its asking price of $200 million. But although the acquisition might be bittersweet for the Zagats, Google apparently has plans beyond using it for its Groupon and Yelp killers. “Zagat’s information also could be useful to Google’s planned online travel-search service,” notes the Journal.