Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick Now Performing For Cigarettes in Williamsburg

westwick Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick Now Performing For Cigarettes in Williamsburg

Ed Westwick hates shirt buttons. (Photo via Patrick McMullen)

Gossip Girl’s Ed Westick always manages to look so dapper when photographed out and about: whether he’s taking his brother to the US Open or attending Simon Spurr’s Fashion Week show, Westwick retains the effortlessly cool style of Chuck Bass even while the show is off air. Or so we thought.

Outside of Williamsburg dive bar Zablozki last night we were grabbed by what first appeared to be a homeless hipster trying to bum a cigarette. On closer inspection, the sweaty guy with the gold necklace resting on a bounty of chest hair (visible because his shirt was unbuttoned to his navel) turned out to be a very disheveled Mr. Westwick. Momentarily confused by his west London accent, we demanded repayment for our Parliament by having the teen star perform in different British dialects in the middle of the crowded street.

Variations included: “Oi, I’m cockney, mate!” (that’s verbatim), and some incomprehensible Manchester impression that sounded remarkably like Drive Shaft’s rendition of “You All Everybody” from Lost.

While Mr. Westwick was a remarkably good sport when it came to the impromptu performance, the three young blondes that comprised the rest of his posse appeared mortified: though whether they were embarrassed for their friend or merely shocked at the level of bonhomie a CW heartthrob would exhibit toward plebeian strangers remains undetermined.


  1. Girlllllll says:

    I was with him that night. Let’s just say his performing talents didn’t improve as he continued to drink through the night- although- he does make a mighty fine Jim Morrison when necessary.

  2. xxx says:

    Poor Ed, it’s not the  best way  to drown your loneliness in alcohol…

    1. Anonymous says:

      Look, if he just needs someone to go gay for him, I have pre-emptively done so.

  3. Conrad Clary says:

    My wife married me because she thinks I look like this guy, LOL. Well, who am I to not be flattered? He’s like the hottest guy around.