How to Get the Startup Internship of Your Dreams: SeatGeek Edition

seatgeek intern ticket How to Get the Startup Internship of Your Dreams: SeatGeek Edition

Betabeat eats interns who breathe marketing for breakfast

Felix Delgado really wants to be an intern at SeatGeek, and why not? The General Assembly graduate is crushing it, having recently signed a big partnership with Yahoo Sports and outpacing their older, better funded rivals.

Assuming that it would be a crowded field, Mr. Delgado crafted a custom ticket stub. The front is a custom message to the founders with a QR code linking back to a FAQ page on Mr. Delgado’s website, wherein he asks (and answers!) questions about why he is perfect for the position at SeatGeek. The back is his resume.

“Over achiever of the year,” tweeted out SeatGeek’s Ben Kessler.

The FAQ in all it’s glory:

Are you interested in Marketing?

Interested? No. I love Marketing. The thought of marketing a product that customers will enjoy is exciting and inspiring.

Are you eager to learn more about Marketing?

Yes, I am very eager to learn more about Marketing. My goal is to master it. I feel an internship at SeatGeek will set me on the path to achieve that goal.

Are you interested in web startups?

I eat and breathe startups. I have a two-year subscription to Inc. and visit Techcrunch, Mashable, Techmeme, and Hackernews about five times a day.

Tell me something about yourself.

That is not a question.

OK… What can you tell me about yourself?

I love Marketing, technology, baseball, and the internet-not necessarily in that order. I recently began helping two small businesses with their marketing strategies. One of the businesses is a balloon décor company and the other is a sound production company. I am hoping that I can work with SeatGeek to expand my marketing skills, while also assisting them in becoming a nationally recognized brand.