'I, Steve': A Book Of Nothing But Steve Jobs Quotes

Betabeat just received a marvelous little press release from Agate publishing on their new book, I, STEVE: STEVE JOBS IN HIS OWN WORDS, a 160 page collection of quotes from the most iconic product pitchman since P. T. Barnum.

The book, says Agate, is a natural companion to the long awaited biography of Mr. Jobs, coming soon from Walter Isaacson. Fortune writer Adam Lashinsky just announced a few weeks back that he’ll be releasing a book on Steve Jobs in January. The macabre scrabble to be a part of Steve Jobs final years is in full swing.

Betabeat hasn’t had time to read the entire book yet, but we picked out  few of our favorite quotes for you to savor on the subway ride home. The full book comes out in late October.  Read More