It Took Wintour To Reserve Nicki Minaj's Spot At Fashion Week


Nicki Minaj made her first appearance during Fashion Week at the Prabal Gurung show, and when her massive pink wig floated down the runway the three-row-deep block of Vogue editors could only watch. She took her seat across from Anna Wintour and her gang and the mob of men with cameras followed, their backs to the editors.

Then she started showing up to everything, but her seating position changed — instead of drawing attention away from Ms. Wintour, she sat next to her and amplified it. The pictures still delight.

Apparently the editrix planned this all along. Gatecrasher reports that Nicki’s interview on Z100 turned couture-centric when she began to explain her ubiquitous presence. It turns out, the pairing was all Ms. Wintour’s idea.

And now they’re pen pals! Ms. Wintour sent Ms. Minaj and picture of the two of them sitting front row with a note that said “We match!” Ha. No you don’t, guys.

How can Ms. Wintour top this in February? Let’s hedge our bets and go with Lady Gaga in drag. Sounds about right.