It's the Life Aquatic on the Subway Today: Happy Rush Hour

The M.T.A. has reported a broken water main at 110th Street, causing “severe service disruptions” on the A,B,C and D Trains this evening. From the M.T.A.:

Both B and C trains are suspended from end to end. A train service is suspended between West 145th Street and Columbus Circle and D trains are not running between 161st Street, in the Bronx and either Pacific Street, Brooklyn or West Fourth Street in Manhattan.

Furthermore, due to “a switch problem in the vicinity of the Queens Plaza station,” the F and M trains are running funny. It all sounds very complicated:

Queens bound F trains will travel via the 53rd Street tunnel from 47th-50th Street-Rockefeller Center to Roosevelt Avenue in Queens. Also, Forest Hills bound M trains will travel via the 63rd Street tunnel from 47th-50th Street-Rockefeller Center to 36th Street in Queens. Manhattan bound service will be unaffected. Customers are advised to transfer between Queens bound F and M trains at 47th-50th Street-Rockefeller Center to board the train which will serve their destination.

More updates from your trusty M.T.A. here.

Oh, and look at the photos of sinkholes and flooding here.