Jerry Guo Leaves Grouper, Plans Tell-All Post (Hopefully for Betabeat!)

jerry guo panda1 Jerry Guo Leaves Grouper, Plans Tell All Post (Hopefully for Betabeat!)

UPDATE: Here’s our take on Jerry’s post: Jerry Guo: What I Did Was ‘F-ed Up’ and I Must Leave for Grouper to Survive

Grouper co-founder Jerry Guo has confirmed to Betabeat that he has left the company, which will now be run by CEO Michael Waxman. 

Guo’s exploits at Newsweek and AOL, followed by his subterfuge in Silicon Alley, became something of an international sensation.

“We’re on good terms,” said Mr. Guo of his relationship with co-founder Michael Waxman. Mr. Guo has initially agreed to pen a guest post for Betabeat, giving us his side of how things shook out at Grouper, which he recently told us is growing fast and already profitable.

UPDATE: Mr. Guo is now considering publishing the post on his Tumblr. [You can find it here]

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Mr. Guo has decided to post the tell-all on his Tumblr and declined our offer to republish.