Keith Richards Biopic Underway, Noah Baumbach Directing Franzen Adaptation and Other Book News


British GQ gave Keith Richards its “writer of the year” award for his autobiography Life. The award was presented to Mr. Richards by Johnny Depp, whereupon Mr. Richards disclosed that Life was being made into a film. This is funny because there really is only one actor who might be qualified to portray Keith Richards in a film. Also Keith Richards looks so tan and healthy!

Add Jonathan Franzen’s The Corrections to the list of novels by New York writers currently being fashioned into a series for HBO. What kind of series (mini?) is as yet unclear, but Noah Baumbach has reportedly signed on to direct.

Keith Gessen’s play by play of the creation of his n+1 co-editor Chad Harbach’s new novel, The Art of Fielding (out today), is in the print edition of the October issue of Vanity Fair. An expanded 17,000-word version is also available as a $1.99 e-book, where publishing gets glamorous Vanity Fair treatment: “In this e-book of sweeping scope and fascinating, behind-the-scenes detail, Gessen pulls back the curtain on the insular, fiercely political, and cutthroat literary world of Manhattan—a place where the ‘Big Six’ publishing houses, owned by multinational conglomerates, reign supreme, while smaller houses are left to fend for themselves.”

At The Paris Review, Maurice Sendak speaks about the publication of his first book since 1981, Bumble-Ardy.