Last Chance to KickStart This Movie About a Missed Connection on the Subway [VIDEO]

New York writer and director Gregory Rizzi has a project on KickStarter to fund a short film about finding your dreamgirl on the morning subway commute that sounds like a relateable script straight from Craigslist’s popular Missed Connections or the mind of Patrick Moberg. (They already make movies about Casual Encounters and I think it’s called porn.)

This will be the first live action film for Mr. Rizzi, a feature film animator who has worked at Lucas Film and Electronic Arts. He’s already exceeded his goal of $6,000, but hopeless romantics who want an answer to the Mr. Rizzi’s questions–“How do you pick up a girl when you can’t even get close enough to talk to her?”–have until 6.21 p.m. EST to contribute. Read More