Levi Johnston's New York Book Tour Now Involves "Gay Baby" Photos

125688102 Levi Johnston's New York Book Tour Now Involves "Gay Baby" Photos

Levi signing books, making gay baby photos

You have to hand it to Levi “Deer in the Headlights” Johnston: he has some schweaddy balls on him. His “tell-all” book tour in New York has taken him this week from the Russian Tea Room to something called “The Men Event,” billed as NYC’s  “largest gay social and business networking” shindig. (They should add the qualifier… “to be held at a Dave & Buster’s.“) It was at that party that Mr. Johnston happened to make a “gay baby” with The Daily’s John Paul Hennessy in a photobooth.

According to The Daily’s Tumblr:

Our staffer managed to coax Johnston into the Gene Machine – a photo booth that takes pictures of two individuals and, using facial recognition software, shows you what your baby would look like.

It was actually a pretty adorable child, but in typical Levi-style, the Alaskan homeboy said that his own baby was “cuter” before dashing off to promote the book he wrote to piss off his son’s  mother and grandma.


  1. iamarightwingnut says:

    lol…what a rag this place is…palin and her no talent daughter write books for money and fill them  with insults about thi s kid levi…so he writes a book to put his side on the record and according to you deceitful people he is doing it just to piss off his sons mother and grandmother .

    two woman who btw have no morals and no integrity.

    lol ……….you are going the love the next book that proves palin faked the birth of trig..
    and poor grandma seems to have abandoned the boy who was a gift from god as soon as he became to big to carry around as a prop.

  2. KJM says:

    The snarky comment about The Men Event (they should add qualifier… to be held at Dave & Buster’s) is unnecessary and unprofessional.