Low-Calorie But Cancer-Causing? Bethenny Frankel’s Marg Mix Pulled From Shelves

Skinnygirl Sangria still available

Ms. Frankel.

In April of this year, Bethenney Frankel sold her line of Skinnygirl liquor drinks to a large distributor for $120 million. Suddenly, she’s no longer just a contestant on The Apprentice, or one of the Real Housewives of New York City — she’s a thriving mogul, a 21st century success story.

But things might not turn out, um, Bethenny Ever After. The New York Post reported today that Whole Foods will yank the Skinnygirl Margarita — the brand’s signature product — from the sixteen stores that carried it. Turns out the thing could give everyone cancer. Yikes!

The drink — which Frankel crows on her Web site is “the margarita you can trust” with “all natural ingredients” and “no preservatives” — actually contains the preservative sodium benzoate, sources said.

Studies have found that the preservative can become carcinogenic if mixed with other substances such as vitamin C.

How could you do that to us, Bethenny, we say as we stomp out an early morning cigarette. We’re never drinking Skinnygirl Margaritas again.