Man Claims He Was ‘Spiritually Moved’ to Smoke Pot on Probation

We’ll file this one in the department of strong efforts: a court has ruled that Charles Wade Lafley, a convicted meth dealer who claims to be “a celebrant of a cannabis-based religion in Montana” cannot smoke marijuana during his probation, according to Courthouse News Service.

Mr. Lafley, a member of the so-called religious group Montana Cannabis Ministries, was prohibited from smoking marijuana during his five-year probation for conspiracy to manufacture and possess with intent to distribute methamphetamine. He told his probation officer he was “spiritually moved” to smoke pot.

Good one, Mr. Lafley.

He invoked the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993, saying smoking weed was part of his religious life. “A Cannabis Sacrament Minister, a dispensary owner, and a D.J.” testified on Mr. Lafley’s behalf. Apparently, the religion believes that marijuana “brings us closer to God” and “provides us with a spiritual unity.”

The judge said: “With all due respect…it doesn’t sound like a religion to me, it sounds like a way to smoke marijuana.”

In other news, sign us up for Montana Cannabis Ministries.

Man Claims He Was ‘Spiritually Moved’ to Smoke Pot on Probation