Manhattan U.S Attorney Says Full Tilt Poker Was Massive Ponzi Scheme

Ok, this one is not about a New York tech company per say, but since its happening in our backyard and effects a ton of folks on the internet, we thought it was worth mentioning. The long and short of it, Preet Bharara of the Souther District says Full Tilt Poker and its board of Read More


  1. Landman188 says:

    A Class Action suit by by defrauded players would be nice.  Come on “A good Class Action attorney”…Step up to the plate.

  2. They should have to pay all the money that every player ever deposited on there site not just the money that is supposed to be there now because they stole the money from the players from the very beginning.  Has there ever been anyone that has ever gotten their money after winning and wanting to withdraw it .