Mayor Bloomberg Claims Homeward Bound Cat Just Really Loves New York

2011 09 will5 Mayor Bloomberg Claims Homeward Bound Cat Just Really Loves New York Yesterday, the world cooed over the story of Willow the cat, a heartwarming tale about a kitty who went missing in Colorado and then showed up, five years later, at her masters’ new home in NYC. Aw!

Mayor Bloomberg, not wanting to miss this photo-op to talk up our great city, stated to the press yesterday:

“I think what it does show is that everybody, in the end, wants to come and live in New York. Now, cats reputedly have nine lives, and [Willow] clearly wanted to spend at least one of them here in New York City. I just don’t know what [she] was waiting for.”

Or, translated for those non-native New York speakers:

“We have tons of stray cats in New York. They are literally everywhere, especially in Brooklyn and Petco, where we sometimes drown them love them very much. If you have a stray cat looking for a home, please bring them down to Bloomberg Pet Emporium, located off the highway right next to New Jersey.”

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