Metropolitan Artist Jay Shells Founds 'Metropolitan Etiquette Authority,' Launches PSA Campaign

mea Metropolitan Artist Jay Shells Founds 'Metropolitan Etiquette Authority,' Launches PSA CampaignDon’t like seeing the mounds of cigarette butts lining the city streets? Does it bother you when the guy standing in front of you on the subway has his pants at his knees? Well apparently it also bothers New York artist Jay Shells, but unlike you, he has decided to do something about it.

Founder of the “Metropolitan Etiquette Authority,” Mr. Shells has launched an artsy PSA campaign, helping New Yorkers dust up on the laws of common courtesy.

The official-looking metal signs include reminders like “Pick up after your Horse,” an admonition to police officers who take it upon themselves to fertilize the city’s concrete, as well as a pertinent anti-sagging placard which reads “Pull Up Your Pants: No One Wants to See Your Underwear.” Another reminds pedestrians to “Pay Attention While Walking: Your Facebook Status Update can Wait,” although we wonder how all the people texting and tweeting as they pass the sign will even see the message.

The signs, drilled into metal polls and posted beneath official notifications, look like legitimate city-issued ordinances, and to our eyes the “MEA” logo looks suspiciously like the MTA emblem.

(Via Animal New York)


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