Michael Chabon Gave Ayelet Waldman HPV, Which He Got From His First Wife

The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, indeed. You now know more than you ever needed to about celebrated novelist Michael Chabon.

Not that his wife, the delightfully unfiltered Ayelet Waldman has ever held back about her marriage before.

[Read: The whole ‘I love my husband more than my kids‘ episode, the ‘My husband is skinny and I’m jealous/want to sex him‘ thing, and the ‘My kids know in detail about how my husband used to sex men‘ moment, among others.]

But this may represent a new height in oversharing:

That said, anyone who actually has HPV talking about how they themselves received it, and the actual dangers of it—in light of the recent Republican appropriation of the issue (wherein an HPV vaccine, evil instrument of health care that it is, alchemizes into the threat of “mental retardation” to little girls everywhere at the hands of Michele Bachmann)—can’t be a bad thing.

Also, anyone who has a strong enough marriage to survive one’s spouse spontaneously outing the communicable disease virus shared by them in the relationship to, let’s see, 5,791 people? Good on ’em.

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