Michel Houellebecq Found Alive, 'Très Bien'

111300985 Michel Houellebecq Found Alive, 'Très Bien'


We don’t speak Dutch or French but the French novelist Michel Houellebecq has been found. Earlier this week it was reported that Mr. Houellebecq had failed to appear for a scheduled book tour in Belgium and the Netherlands. His publisher has found him, and it appears that he simply forgot about it, as one does, and also didn’t have access to e-mail or telephone. The life of a famous author!


  1. Rami Vms says:

    Well that wasn’t very climactic.

  2. Francophile says:

    The accent on your “trés” is wrong.

    1. Jane Watt says:

      I think the  grave accent on”très” is correct

      1. spragued says:

        Oui, l’accent grave c’est correct. <= How pretentious is THAT!