Mike Arrington Goes Nuclear: Says NY Times Is Conflicted Tech Investor via True Ventures

arrington malik Mike Arrington Goes Nuclear: Says NY Times Is Conflicted Tech Investor via True Ventures

Om Malik bows before the great Arrington

Mike Arrington warned on Twitter that the New York Times was playing with fire after David Carr wrote a column castigating him for running a venture fund while acting as editor in chief of TechCrunch.

“The saddest part about the NYT drama is that I hold the nuclear card. They know it, and they know I won’t use it. Unless I do.’

Today on stage he played that card, pointing out that the NY Times is an investor in True Ventures, which backs GigaOm, the tech blog founded by True Ventures partner Om Malik.

Last week Mr. Arrington issued this sly tweet: “I look forward to co-investing with the NYTimes” and linking to this page, where the NY Times discloses its investments and acquisition.

In its extensive coverage of the Crunchfund story and GigaOm’s potential conflicts with True Ventures last week, the NY Times made no mention of its own investment in True.

The NY Times technology section also syndicates content from GigaOm with no special disclosure about the connection between the two companies.

Betabeat has reached out to the NY Times and Om Malik for comment.


  1. Non story – Om Malik does not work for the New York Times

    1. But he is partner in the same venture capital firm as the NYT

  2. CarneAsada says:

    Yawn.  This guy and Calacanis should start a fund together, I would pay to watch those egos go at it inside the steel cage.  

  3. Sam Dwyer says:

    *snivel snivel* “You think you’re so tough David Carr…. just you wait until I PLAY MY NUCLEAR CARD!!!!!!!!!!!”

    pls retire this half-pint Walter Winchell ASAP

  4. Clyde Smith says:

    This is bound to bring the NY Times to it’s knees!  Hear Arrington roar!!!