Moneyball Advertising Irking Feminist Sensibilities: "Tell Your Guy It's A Baseball Movie"

Michael Lewis’ math-nerds-on-steroids baseball book Moneyball hits theaters on Friday with a whole bunch of buzz behind it! Mainly, (1) Brad Pitt’s an Oscar contender for his performance, but (2) in retrospect the book’s legacy and value to the sport of baseball is chronically overvalued and widely misunderstood. Now it has a new kind of buzz: pissed-off women insulted by the idea that they can’t enjoy a baseball movie!

Metsgrrl blogger and author Caryn Rose spotted this ad (below) on Facebook for Moneyball.

Rose notes:

moneyball movie promo sexist stereotyping MAJOR FAIL. This ad showed up on Facebook this morning, and just made me want to spit.

Seriously, FUCK YOU, Hollywood. Some people with ovaries HAVE ACTUALLY READ MONEYBALL, and some people without ovaries have actually NOT read it.

She has a point, and to further it: some of the best movies about baseball are based around women who know more about baseball than the men they’re surrounded by. Who among us have seen Bull Durham or A League of Their Own, and can actually change the channel whenever they come on television thereafter?

[The misguided and Tim Robbins, that’s who.]

The based-on-a-Michael-Lewis-book, Aaron-Sorkin-scripted, Brad Pitt-starring Moneyball shows up in theaters on Friday to over 2,900 theaters. Maybe some women will con their boyfriends into seeing it! | @weareyourfek