Nicki Minaj Shows Up in Pink to Prabal Gurung's Paean to Purple

Nicki Minaj and Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann.

Prabal Gurung’s show had everything going for it, from the deep purple hues that popped off long rippling dresses to the sun-drenched opulence of Frank Gehry’s IAC building. It’s surprising, then, that the whole thing was a bit upstaged by a single front row occupant.

Or maybe not so surprising when that attendee is Nicki Minaj. Before she walked into the building lobby The Observer had no first-hand evidence to refute the possibility that she’s been a cartoon character all along, but there she was, in the flesh — a good amount of that flesh exposed, we might add — going hirajiku on everybody.

Her bodyguard wasn’t to shabbily dressed either. He had a black t-shirt with #SWAG emblazoned on the front, the last “G” doubled and flipped, an homage the a mirror-image Chanel “C.”

“Um, it only took me about an hour to put this together,” Ms. Minaj told The Observer. We nodded, as if a a giant pink hair-bow, an exploding fuzzy pink wig and pink pretzel necklace are things one can put on for any occasion. She had taken her seat next to model Elettra Wiedemann, who happens to be Isabella Rosselini’s daughter. Did David Lynch do the seating to this show or something?

Everyone scurried to their seats moments later, and the show began. The models walked the runway in Mr. Gurung’s vibrant color-splattered looks as the music switched from “Fast Car” to James Blake. Oh but he’s so last season, Prabal!

The show ended and after Mr. Gurung’s enthusiastic bow-curtsy, Andre Leon Talley ran over to Ms. Minaj.

“Ah! I’m so glad you’re heeee-re,” the Vogue editor said.

Bill Cunningham was there to take the photo of the duo, and upon capturing it the immortal New York Times shutterbug broke into an enormous, giddy smile. Upon seeing that, we did as well.

Nicki Minaj Shows Up in Pink to Prabal Gurung's Paean to Purple