'Occupy Wall Street:' The Music Video

Josh Lewis, the protester who tweeted his arrest Saturday after the Occupy Wall Street campaign marched on Union Square, put together a moody music video of the scene, below the jump.“The big thing for me right now is my hand is still extremely numb from the zipties,” Mr. Lewis, who is a musician, said today. “So that’s really, really frustrating me, like I could kinda cry a little bit right now. I’m a creative individual. I make money–I’ve made money in this city being a musician for a long time … I did absolutely nothing wrong. Now I’ve lost feeling in my hand and the way that I make money is using my hand.”

09/23/11; Day before Mass-Arrests from JRL on Vimeo.

Musicians seem to be taking to the protests–the rapper Immortal Technique played a concert at Zuccotti Park Sunday night, and chronic drum circles lend an agitating or festive vibe, depending on one’s state of mind.


  1. They need to sing!  Anything will do so long as it is loud and together.  Eventually they will find their song and when that happens, perhaps a nation will choose to sign along.

  2. M Shelley says:

    The dripping sarcasm of the majority of  the commentary in The Observer concerning the Wall Street protests is repulsive. May your condescending rag fold like so many other businesses as the economic meltdown brought on by the unchecked greed of your precious bankers continues to destroy people’s lives.