Page Six Mag's Posen Take Down: He's a Momma's Boy

Zac Posen at a recent event

Since his debut on the fashion scene in 2002, homegrown designer Zac Posen has taken the world by storm. Dressing the hottest stars in his haute couture gowns for nearly a decade,  the perpetually smirking Mr. Posen has been an industry darling.

And well, who doesn’t love those dimples and curly black hair? Page Six Magazine, that’s who.

Between between a feature on Paz de la Huerta (Are we the only ones who think she looks like Jocelyn Wildenstein’s yearbook photo?) and Rachel Uchitel’s already infamous (and litigious) interview, the quarterly featured a good old-fashioned takedown of the young designer (Though it won’t be live on the web until 7 pm.) Titled “Zac Posen: Fashion’s Biggest Poseur,” the article paints—through the voices of various anonymous sources—a picture of Mr. Posen as an insecure brat, coddled by his mother. “Posen’s ego has been slow to adjust,” the piece claims, to the realities of post-recession fashion and life after his rise to fame.

Dubbing him variously “volatile,”precocious,” and a “diva,” the article trashes the designer’s personality, claiming that the couturier’s character is in fact affecting the success of his clothing: “Posen the person was detracting from Posen the brand,” the article says.

The piece details Mr. Posen’s disastrous decision to leave New York for Paris, where he was not well received. Returning to New York, tail between his legs, Mr. Posen will be showing at fashion week, “at the unfashionable time of 9 a.m.,” the article adds, in the Altman building, not on the main stage.


Page Six Mag's Posen Take Down: He's a Momma's Boy