Paz de la Huerta and Agent Provocateur: Too Obvious a Pair to Pass Up

Paz remembers.

Lingerie line Agent Provocateur has chosen the face of its Autumn/Winter 2011 collection. You’ll never guess who it is! Yes, it’s Paz de la Huerta, the actress and punch-thrower known for wardrobe malfunctions galore.

Well, not all of those malfunctions are accidents! We were there for the reading of Madame Bovary, Paz. We were there.

Anyway, all this history makes her perfect for an Agent Provocateur campaign, especially one with a video that depicts a paparazzi-heavy curbside and a clumsy handling of a purse (sections referred to as “The Arrival” and “The Drop,” respectively).

The video is slightly risque for the website of a family newspaper, so we won’t embed, but click away if you please. It’s nothing you haven’t seen if you’ve spotted Paz at the Boom Boom Room.