Police Name Suspect in $100K KAWS Art Caper

Police believe that Enno Tianen, 31, is the man behind the KAWS theft. (Photo: New York Police Department)

New York City police now have a suspect in the brazen theft of an artwork by Brooklyn street artist KAWS that took place at fashion entrepreneur Marc Ecko’s Chelsea offices earlier this month.

The NYPD has identified Enno Tianen as the possible culprit and released a mug shot in which he looks eerily similar to the hoodie-sporting man who was caught on a security camera allegedly perpetrating the act on Aug. 4.

Mr. Tianen, who is said to operate under the name Lewy, has a rap sheet that lists 15 prior arrests, for crimes that include graffiti, larceny and assault, according to The New York Post.

When The Observer first heard of the theft, we were a bit incredulous, since Mr. Ecko has a history of publicity-grabbing capers.

“I’ve heard that I’m trying to pull a media stunt,” Mr. Ecko told us, when we proposed our theories. “But it’s not that. It authentically got boosted.”

Mr. Ecko told us that he believes that the work, which shows Kate Moss modeling in a Calvin Klein ad, covered with white and purple paint, may be worth more than $100,000. Now it seems he may be one step closer to getting it back.

Police Name Suspect in $100K KAWS Art Caper