Prospect 2 Art Exhibition Reveals Highlights, Including William Pope.L, Sophie Calle and William Eggleston

The planners behind New Orleans’s Prospect exhibition, established by New York curator Dan Cameron in 2008, detailed highlights from their second official installment, which is set to run from October 2011 through January 2012.

The lineup for the show was already known, but the fair’s latest press release details the works of a handful of the international artists in the show, including R. Luke DuBois, William Pope.L, Joyce J. Scott, William Eggleston and Francesco Vezzoli, among others. From reading their descriptions, it’s clear that these artists have taken to heart the biennial’s ethos encouraging artists to incorporate the region’s history into their works. Here’s a choice description of French artist Sophie Calle’s work for the show.

“Among the internationally renowned artists participating in the biennial is Sophie Calle, who will present a new iteration of her long-term project, Autobiographies. For Prospect.2, the project has been reimagined as a site-specific installation that will employ Calle’s signature blending of reality and fiction. In the work, she weaves her personal narrative into the history of the 1850 House of the Louisiana State Museum, one of the apartments in the famous Pontalba Apartments in Jackson Square in New Orleans. When the house was bequeathed to the Louisiana State Museum in 1927, the museum recreated what the home would have looked like in its original, Antebellum-era state. In her installation, Calle will transform the historic house by inserting her own items of sentimental value, such as photographs, texts, paintings, and clothes into the various rooms, and in doing so, seamlessly blend the lines between past and present, reality and fantasy, and public and private.”

Previews for the show are scheduled for October 20 through 21.