Reuters Hires Jack Shafer, Male Opinion Columnist

If you care, you’ve by now heard that Jack Shafer, the media critic laid off by Slate, was scooped up by Reuters. He will report to opinion editor James Ledbetter, according to the memo from Reuters editor in chief Steve Adler obtained by Romenesko.

“Jack’s arrival at Reuters adds to a rapidly strengthening opinion and analysis bench. Award winning David Cay Johnston and David Rohde have recently joined Reuters as columnists, Felix Salmon continues to set the pace among financial bloggers, and the Reuters column line-up includes regular contributions from Larry Summers and Mohamed El-Erian,” Mr. Adler wrote.

Reuters is flexing its hiring and salary muscles by grabbing Mssrs. Johnston, Rohde, and Shafer, but so far they seem overwhelmingly interested in one perspective. The opinions line up also includes George Chen, Brend Debusmann, Gregg Easterbrook, James Pethokoukis, James Saft, John Wasik, Christopher Whalen and Ian Bremmer. There is one marquee female opinion columnist, Chrystia Freeland, who is also the global editor at large for, and Susan Glasser just started a monthly column.