Scott Stringer’s Secret Weapon? ScarJo to Campaign, Fund-Raise

City Council president Christine Quinn might not want to start picking out wall-paper for Gracie Mansion just yet. Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer has found a crucial celebrity ally in the 2013 mayoral race: actress Scarlett Johansson.

A lifelong New Yorker who grew up in Greenwich Village and was a strong supporter of Pres. Obama’s election, Ms. Johansson told PolitickerNY she will be working to help make Mr. Stringer the city’s next mayor. She’s currently helping to plan an October kickoff party, and plans to pledge the maximum of $4950 in addition to enlisting friends to the cause. Read More


  1. Brett Ruiz says:

    Hey Scarlett, it’s called supply and demand. When demand rises and supply stays the same, prices go up. You want affordable housing? Cut all the silly regulations blocking people from building new buildings. Maybe you can take an economics class in your free time?

    1. Obviously she wouldn’t understand that concept or she would know Scott isn’t the answer to the affordable housing issue.

  2. Westsider says:

    Back in the 90’s Scott Stringer stood for communities. Ever since becoming Borough President he’s fully-owned by the Real Estate industry. Just check his contributions. He’s as bad as Quinn. He’s filled the community boards with political cronies and campaign workers.

  3. rp says:

    since stringer’s role as a real estate shill (though probably not more shamelessly than anyone else putatively running for mayor) has already been pointed out by Westsider, the only thing still confounding me is this absurd claim that Quinn is “widely considered the front-runner.” say what? nobody i know has remotely felt that way since before the term limit debacle, in fact, probably not since before her slush fund scandal…