Sharpton Staffer Tells Black Journalists to Fall in Line

 Sharpton Staffer Tells Black Journalists to Fall in Line

Tamika D. Mallory

Tamika Mallory, the 31-year-old executive director of Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, has some words of warning for African-American reporters. On Friday, Mallory wrote a column titled “Time For Black Journalists To Stop Criticizing Rev. Sharpton.”

Mallory’s column, which was published on and linked on National Action Network’s web site, was addressed “to all the Black journalists out there.” She begins by discussing her distaste for criticism of Sharpton’s MSNBC show, “Politics Nation,” which premiered August 29.

“Whenever I hear people question Reverend Sharpton’s new show, ‘Politics Nation’ on MSNBC, I find myself thinking of the theory known as ‘crabs in the barrel.,’” Mallory wrote.

Sharpton’s show drew critiques from conservative news outlets in its first week on the air including Andrew Breitbart’s BreitbartTV, which mocked Sharpton’s language skills, and Newsbusters, which poked fun at his ratings. Mallory doesn’t identify any criticism from African-American members of the media that may have inspired her column, but she does explain why she thinks black reporters shouldn’t criticize Sharpton’s show.

“Rev. Sharpton is and has always been an advocate and defender of the people, and I believe ‘we’ should support his new endeavor for it affords him the opportunity to continue to build on his years of struggle. An activist such as Rev. Sharpton doesn’t need to be fed information on the injustices in society, because he lives and breathes them every single day,” Mallory wrote.

Mallory was named executive director of National Action Network in 2009. Her parents are founding members of the group, and Mallory has said she “grew up in this organization.” According to National Action Network’s web site, Sharpton created the organization to “to promote a modern civil rights agenda.”

“After knowing [Sharpton] for over 20 years, I would bet my last dollar that he will continue championing justice in his new position with no apologies,” Mallory wrote.




  1. Anonymous says:

    Has Rev Sharpton and the Action Network paid all their back taxes and fines ?

    Before there was the “Oracle at Delphi” there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

    VJ Machiavelli
    The Legislative Budget is Too Damn High

  2. Trish Brown says:

    Ms. lady, little girl,

    You can kiss my very black ass, from the state of California…

    1. Blknight96 says:

      Why so much hatred? She is entitled to her opinion as you are. I don’t think she accomplished what she might have wanted to express, I understand there are plenty of Black journalists that feel slighted that Rev Al got this show and they didn’t.
      That’s a fair debate, but when the attacks are coming from a place of jealousy one does have to wonder. If they want to attack someone attack the establishment that has preventing more diversity on the air, which isn’t Rev Al’s fault.

  3. DMCRN says:

    Nobody is perfect. If he says or does something to deserve criticism, you can’t expect people to make hhamberger out of their tongues chewing on it! Criticism needs to be let out. Lest it burns a hole in your soul.

  4. Ms. C says:

    There is a strong resemblance between the two — are Tamika Mallory and Al Sharpton related?

  5. For the past 40 years since the death of Rev. Dr. Martin
    Luther King, we fell in line behind positions of hate and animosity towards law
    enforcement and toward the American government. As a result, we have created communities
    filled with drugs, violence and poverty. Now as the Executive Director of the
    National Action Network, you are telling black communities to do not snitch and
    do not work with law enforcement in making our communities safer. I am happy
    that Rev. Sharpton has a show, but we need to fall in line behind new ideas and
    not behind the same old nonsense that is destroying black communities and ultimately
    destroying America.

  6. ctcsme says:

    So Al, put your money where you mouth is. Report your income and how much taxes you paid? Show us that you paid your fair share before you point a finger at somone else. 

    As can be expected, Al will never report this data as he is a coward.

    Still waiting for rasicts Al to apolgize to the Duke Lacross team for suporting the lying black prostitute who damaged the reputations of innocent white men. Al never stood for justice, only self promotion.   

    Tamika, you got your job because of your parents, so don’t go acting as if you earned it. The black media is finaly relaizing Al is a fraud and an ignorant disgrace to all black people.