Das Racist Trashes Their Own Bash: 'SHITTY BLACKBOOK FASHION PARTY'

Das Racist.

Last night at PH-D, the rooftop hotspot atop the Dream Downtown, BlackBook magazine hosted a party to celebrate its 15th year of publication. Cover boy/True Blood vampire Alexander Skarsgård was there, as were flocks of girls stretching their iPhones toward his booth to get a picture of him.

Yet, the other guests of honor—critical darling rap group Das Racist—were not as impressed with the fashion party. Before, during, and after their short performance (part straight-faced performance art, part tag-team rap mayhem; one onlooker noted that they appeared to be texting while on stage), they took to Twitter to air some grievances.

But, hey, you know what? It seemed to The Transom that the guys were having a decent time. When we arrived they were drinking from the bottle service, provided by BlackBook, and eating some more-than-edible looking French Fries.

So maybe the guys were just joking.

Just joking, they’re not joking.

nfreeman@observer.com | @nfreeman1234