The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop Opens Tomorrow!

The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

What to do on the Saturday of Labor day weekend? If you’re not too busy preparing the menu for your holiday barbecue and you happen to fancy some artisanal ice cream with a dash of color, we have just the thing for you. Long a locomotive favorite for city foodies on the go, The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck is opening their first location on solid ground. The grand opening, to be held at the new location on 7th between First Avenue and A, is an event that you won’t want to miss.

“Saturday September 3 at high noon there will be a ribbon-cutting of sorts, and will be worth your time. There will be music and freaks and stuff,” the BGICT’s blog says. Unfortunately the guys behind the operation, Bryan Petroff and Douglas Quint, could not immediately be reached to explain exactly what sorts of “freaks” will appear at the event.

The new store will feature favorites from the truck, like “The Salty Pimp” (dulce de leche with a sea salt cone) and “Bea Arthur” (ice cream topped with Nilla Wafer dust). There are even “Big Gay toppings” you can add at your discretion including “wasabi pea dust and flavored balsamic reductions.”

(Via The Local)

The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop Opens Tomorrow!