The Closing: Choking on That Bike Commute; The Saddest Strip in the Rockaways; M.T.A. Fire Sale

Want more Michael Kimmelman? He’s blogging and tweeting, too. [NY Times]

The problem (O.K., one of many) with biking in the city: lung gunk. [Atlantic Cities]

Brookfield finds itself in the awkward position of playing host to the Occupy Wall Street protests. [Journal]

“The worst beach community in America?” That would be Beach 116th Street in the Rockaways. [Daily News]

Paul Goldberger has seen the light that is the new 1 World Trade Center base. [Curbed]

No sewage, no power, but also no rats on Rat Island. All yours for $300,000. [NY Times]

Not only is there a Tribeca neighborhood loft tour, but it is in its 12th year now. [DNAinfo]

Checking in on Long Island City’s Z Hotel. [Daily News]

The affordable housing is nice, but not as nice as the market rate units at Columbia Commons. [Journal]

M.T.A. finally selling Downtown Brooklyn office building, eight other properties. [Crain’s]

The HBO T.V. set as house porn. [Curbed]