The Closing: "Truthers" Promise to Respect 9/11; Prepsters Better Clean Up Their Rooms; Can We Interest You in a Sunset Park 'Getaway?'


The—politically-charged—reviews on the World Trade Center are in. [Curbed]

Hot tip: Do not take a car anywhere south of Canal Street this weekend. [NY Post]

Chalk up a tasteful award (from us at least) for this open-sourced, DIY memorial in the Flatiron. [Curbed]

A valiant attempt to see the “feel goodness” in a post-9/11 America. [Gawker]

In an uncharacteristic show of good judgment, “Truthers” have agreed to abstain from acting up during the weekend ceremonies. [NY Times]

Secretary of State Clinton warns us all that it could happen again during an address at John Jay College. [Daily News]

Everything Else:

Some of the City’s tonier private schools will start subjecting their students to home inspections… for bedbugs. [BrickUnderground]

The Carpenters Union has an addiction problem… to finalizing labor deals! (Gotcha). [Crain’s]

Another look at Brooklyn’s “Skyscraper District.” [Brownstoner]

If London is putting through 20 m.p.h. speed limits inside the city’s border, how slow should NYC go? [StreetsBlog]

You know who Alec Baldwin doesn’t like very much? Well, yeah, all those people he’s insulted publicly in the past, but also some anonymous Starbucks barista on the UWS. [Eater]

REBNY makes a move to modernize itself and ends up in everyone else’s present. [Crain’s]

Good news for the “Save Our Seaport” crowd; The Museum of The City of New York is about to do just that. [WNYC]

Would you want to book a room in a new “Greenwood Heights” Hotel?… [Brownstoner]

… No? What if we told you that the neighborhood is getting re-zoned?… [Crain’s]

… Still No? Well, what if we told you there’s going to be a new strip club opening up soon?… [Brownstoner]

… Yeah, we figured you’d say that.