The New Face of Affordable Housing at the Bronx's Via Verde

What a difference a few years make. (Tom Stoelker/ArchPaper)

Michael Kimmelman was not the only one writing about Via Verde yesterday. The Architect’s Newspaper also has a report on the revolutionary South Bronx public housing complex done by architects Grimshaw and Dattner Architects and developers Jonathan Rose and Phipps Houses.

The Times‘s architecture critic was heavy on the social metaphors, but A|N gives us all the nitty, (un)gritty details, like how the  building combats obesity or keeps costs down to ensure the project’s affordability. But what was most striking was this picture, by the paper’s Tom Stoelker, which captures just how radical the new building is when compared to some of its predecessors. ”

You can see more of these stunning shots—which were shockingly absent from The Times‘ story—on A|N‘s site, but here’s one more:

Step up to the future. (ArchPaper)

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