The Indypendent Raise Money to Publish the Occupy Wall Street Journal[Updated]

[UPDATE: It’s not the Yes Men behind The Occupy Wall Street Journal, it’s The Indypendent. Capital NY has the story.]

Media activists The Yes Men are raising money on Kickstarter to publish a four-page broadsheet about the 99% represented at Liberty Plaza called The Occupy Wall Street Journal, Animal NY noticed.

The Yes Men’s previous news pranks provided political commentary through the lens of the city’s existing media. The “We’re Screwed!” New York Post suggested that global climate change is one issue that actually merits tabloid-style histrionics. What looked like a liberal idealist’s fantasy edition of the New York Times was actually based on President Obama’s campaign promises.

The Occupy Wall Street Journal, by contrast, aims to be an earnest and functional news outlet. 

“We will explain the issues involved and how the general assembly process operates at Liberty Plaza,” says the Kickstarter. “It will also offer resources and ways to join. The emphasis will be on quality content, design, photography and artwork that uses incisive humor to make it a lively read.”