Tinyproj: A Nice, Non-Aggressive Way to Get Coders for Short-Term Projects–and 4,000 Developers Have Already Signed Up

tinyproj Tinyproj: A Nice, Non Aggressive Way to Get Coders for Short Term Projects  and 4,000 Developers Have Already Signed Up

The bloodthirsty hunt for hackers is getting extreme. Developers get come-ons by email, through Facebook, cold calls; their listservs are invaded, their hackathons are stalked. But here comes Tinyproj, a simple solution to at least part of the problem. Kyle Bragger, creator of developer hub Forrst.com, has set up a mechanism for getting technical talent for short-term projects. It’s called Tinyproj. Think the “gigs” section on Craigslist. “People want short-term work,” he told Betabeat. “I had a hunch this could be interesting and valuable to people.”

“By short-term, we mean projects that range in budget from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, and should take no more than a few weeks to complete,” Tinyproj explains. “Tinyproj is not the right place for finding full-time employees or bidding out huge projects.”

Tinyproj works like this: developers sign up for free. Project creators submit proposals and a budget; if Mr. Bragger approves the project, the creator pays $25 and it’s blasted out in a Saturday email to Tinyproj freelancers, who then respond to specific proposals and negotiate directly with the project creators. Emails are even anonymized for project creators and developers via another New York project, fiesta.cc.

Mr. Bragger has already signed up more than 4,000 developers in two days, thanks to an ad on Forrst, a Hacker News placement and “a few tweets,” he said. There are 20 paid projects going out on the list this weekend, he said. Only approved and paid projects go out; approved and unpaid projects get an email saying “your project could have gone out to 4,000 people today, but we still need payment.”