Two-Thirds of all Clinton Babies Are Aborted (The Neighborhood, not the President)

(Chiascuro Foundation)

Did you know that New York City had 87,273 abortions in 2009? That’s like 1 percent of the city’s population. Thanks to the anti-abortion group the Chiascuro Foundation (motto “fight for the protection of all human life from conception to natural death”), we now even know which are the naughtiest neighborhoods through a helpful interactive map.

Chiascuro, which points out 41 percent of all New York City pregnancies are terminated, got the city to break out its abortion numbers by zip code, and the resulting map is both enlightening and puzzling. Zip code 10012, smack in the middle of Greenwich Village has a 60.3 percent abortion rate, which makes sense considering its proximity to N.Y.U. Less clear is why 10018 tops this list—it’s the Garment District and that neighborhood we love, Hellsea, so it’s not exactly a bustling hood.

Other interesting facts? Greenpoint has more abortions than Williamsburg, the Upper East Side is more prudish than the Upper West, and many of the city’s minority communities—Bushwick/Bed-Stuy/Brownsville in Brooklyn; Jamaica, Queens; the South Bronx; Coney Island—have high abortion rates.

The Chiascuro Foundation has developed a plan to stave the city’s abortion rate: don’t have sex!

“The City and it’s extremist allies will tell you that only so-called “comprehensive” sex education works, and that “abstinence-only” curricula have been “proven” not to work,” the Chiascuro Foundation’s website says. ” They recommend a program focused solely around abstinence.

But fear not. The group’s anti-sex plan is super informative about contraceptives too.  “Abstinence-centered programs contain plenty of information about contraceptive methods: how frequently they fail to protect young people from pregnancy and STDs, and how condoms provide no protection against HPV and only reduce the risk of contracting herpes by about 30%.” Thanks for the advice guys!

The Observer talked to Planned Parenthood of New York to hear their take on the stats—numbers, it should be said, the group does not dispute. “Making abortion less available isn’t going to do anyone any favors in terms of health,” Erica Sackin said. “New York City has one of the highest rates of unintended pregnancy int eh country. That’s something we should be focusing on.”

Two-Thirds of all Clinton Babies Are Aborted (The Neighborhood, not the President)