Undeterred by Meh Reaction to ‘Occupy Wall Street’, Anonymous Promises to Take ‘Day of Vengeance’ National This Saturday

day e1316696345748 Undeterred by Meh Reaction to Occupy Wall Street, Anonymous Promises to Take Day of Vengeance National This Saturday

Set your clocks to “High Noon.”

This Saturday, Anonymous (“or some 12-year old kid labeling himself Anonymous,” says TechCrunch) claims to be planning a Day of Vengeance for the whole family. Don’t worry, they promise to do it ““peacefully yet forcefully.” According to this press release, the hacker collective and “other cyber liberation groups” will host protests in dozens of cities around the country. Although the release says 15,000 demonstrators around the country turned out on Saturday,  if  reported turnouts for ‘Occupy Wall Street’ and the rambling live feed are any indication,  Day of Wrath-ish might be more apt.

In tandem with the proposed protests, the statement says Anonymous will also launch, a  “series of cyber attacks against various targets including Wall Street, Corrupt Banking Institutions – and the NYC Police Department.” The statement suggests following @PLF2012 for “ongoing reports” throughout the day. In the meantime, please enjoy the protest flier, which can also be recycled as show poster for an aging metal band.