You May Want to Reconsider that Italian Vacay: Berlusconi Calls Italy ‘Shit Country’

Earlier this week, The Observer explained the reason why so many Italians have made New York their home. In addition to the emigration patterns of the early 20th century, however, there seems to be another, more fundamental reason why so many Italians have fled to far flung corners of the globe. Is Italy just a bad place?

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi seems to think so. In phone conversations leaked this week, a beleaguered Berlusconi reportedly vented his rage against Italy. “I’m leaving this shit country that makes me feel like puking,” Mr. Berlusconi supposedly said to a reporter. “In a few months I’m going to go away and mind my own fucking business,” he said.

The Prime Minister went on to defend his reputation against his detractors. “”I’m so transparent, so clean in everything I do. There’s nothing I could be reproached for. I don’t do anything that could be seen as a crime,” Berlusconi said.  “People can say I fuck but that’s all they can say,” he added.