You Think You Know Startups? New Metastartup Turns Startup News Into a Game

eric strait You Think You Know Startups? New Metastartup Turns Startup News Into a Game

Mr. Strait.

Remember the metastartups, the companies that exist only because of the burgeoning startup scene? Metastartups are just as viable as regular startups (or more), as it turns out. Take the outrageous success of actual revenue-generating website LaunchRock, the splash page and Twitter spam creator which could only exist in our interesting times. (The case could be made that any Bitcoin service is a metastartup centered around a startup currency.) Betabeat got a note from Eric Strait this morning, Austin-based co-founder of metastartup StartupDelight, which launched itself via LaunchRock in May, at which time we wrote: “StartupDelight lets you back hot trending startups by purchasing their hot company logo gear through special deals-of-the-day. Who is your market? Hot startups! What’s your product? Hot startup gear! Who are you? A startup! Welcome to the all-startup economy: Totally self-sufficient, with a little help from friends.”

Well it seems Mr. Strait is on his way to being a serial metastartup entrepreneur. StartupDelight was acquired by a secret buyer less than five months after launch. “StartupDelight is now being acquired by a sister company of a known startup that gets over 1 million page-views a month.  Details to be released very soon!”

So now Mr. Strait and his co-founder wife have started a new metacompany:, a site where technohipsters can discover new startups and compete on being in the know. opens the door for you to discover what new website or app is out there waiting to change your life! We connect you with the latest internet startups from around the world. While doing so, we provide you with a gaming tool that rewards you points just for checking in & social sharing your new discoveries. If you earn enough points to land a spot on our leaderboard, you will be eligible to grab one of our weekly free prizes all for visiting daily and sharing often.

We can hear the 99launches version of the Portlandia “Did You Read?” sketch now:

Technohipster A: Have you seen Fitocracy? I just got on it yesterday–
Technohipster B: Yeah, I got a beta invite three weeks ago. Did you see the new Jux feature?
A: Yeah, I read about it in Betabeat. It’s basically like OnePager meets PowerPoint. Did you see the new Skillshare features?
B: Yeah, did you see the new 8tracks? It’s not out yet.
A: Well did you download the new Foursquare for Android update?
B: Yeah, but did you get the new Tumblr app update?
A: Yeah, did you see Tumblr does Spanish now?
(ad nauseum)